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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Thoughts on Thanksgiving

In Kindergarten we have been learning about Thanksgiving. We have read some books and have thought about what we are thankful for. We are all thankful for our families and our friends in Kindergarten. Here are some other thoughts about Thanksgiving. Caitlin- I am thankful for family. Jessica- I am thankful for giving my Mommy kisses. Noah- I love my Mom and Dad. Jesse- I am thankful for my whole family. Destiny- I am thankful for my friends because they play with me. Milena- I am thankful for my friends because they care about me. Adalee- I am thankful for my dogs because I love when my dog kisses me when I wake up. Payton- I am happy because I go on field trips with my Mommy. Esme- I am thankful for Uma because she gives me kisses and hugs. Kaydence- I am thankful for my dog and kitty because they give me kisses. Andrew- Anytime I vacuum in the living room my dog barks at the vacuum. Ava- I am thankful for my dog because she gives me kisses. Abigail- On Thanksgiving I give letters to my family and friends because I get to play with them lots of times and they care about me. Connor- I am thankful for my brother because he plays with me and gives me hugs and kisses. Daniel-Playing with my brother Jaden and giving my brother some toys. James- I'm thankful for love. Easton- I am thankful for love just like James. Alexis- My mom makes me cookies. Emma- I am thankful for my Mom and Dad and brother and two cats and lizard and a dog and a snake. Ms S- I am thankful for my family and friends, my dogs and for the awesome kids in my class.

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